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3 thoughts on “Author’s Blog

  1. Dear friends,
    I just wished to announce the upcoming launch of my latest e-book. Our plan is to get it up on Amazon within the first week in January of 2018.
    The title of the book is “The Nebula Skull.”
    I hope you enjoy the adventure. It’s a fictional tale based on strange facts and true findings in Bosnia, intermixed with a touch of science fiction. Have a great new year ahead!

    Jerry Zak

  2. We’ve just launched an e-book adventure collection of three of our stories that, even though connected by the same characters, are complete stories within themselves.
    The Title of the e-book is “3 in 1 Adventure Collection.” It’s a great deal in that it’s priced to give one of the book’s stories FREE.
    Check it out by clicking on the header ad on our homepage. It will allow you to check out several chapters.

    Jerry Zak

  3. We’ve just published TWO adventure thrillers this month!
    The first, “The Dictator’s Disciple” brings to life a devious plot that, since this writing, has taken on a whole new perspective as the threat that I exposed in the story have since shockingly materialized in real terms.
    The second story, “Dead Stare,” threads the needle of cause and effect that changes the lives of two siblings one hundred years after a long lost Will was written. You can find them both on Amazon E-books!
    Here is a link:

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