3 in 1 Adventure Collection

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They That Fall is available on Amazon.com for your Kindle.

3 in 1 Adventure Collection

Three fast-moving adventure stories are combined in a collection that will take your mind spiraling across several continents. Dan Fallsburn, director of the Mount Taylor Laboratory for World Studies, is enlisted to help Delphi Taylor and her best friend Connor Stokes, in an archeological search for a rumored treasure that had been lost to the ages. They embark on a quest that will soon test survival skills, loyalties, and life itself.

From the most innocent of beginnings the trio will suddenly face enormous challenges and threats from adversaries both singular and global in scope. These are three adventures that guarantee a body count.

Settle into your most comfortable chair with your favorite beverage.
Enjoy the ride!

Obsidian Obsession
“Obsidian Obsession” is a 21st century adventure tied to a centuries-old legend of the Nazca and Inca Indians of Peru. A singular object provides the power to grant any wish to the person possessing the gift. This however comes with the knowledge that upon receiving the wish one will experience an unknown traumatic personal loss as well. This caveat creates an intense emotional warning to all that may covet the power.

Fragile Witness
Dan Fallsburn, Delphi, and Connor are on another quest in Peru to find a massive golden disc mentioned in Spanish documents from the year 1534. Their dangerous journey takes them across the width of South America while testing their ability to stay one step ahead of many world governments with similar goals. Governments and entire ways of life will be effected by the procurement of the disc. Why???

Ghost of a Chance
This fast-paced novel brings a suspense-ridden end to this dynamic adventure series. The possibility of controlling a powerful renewable energy is contested by an energy-starved world. Diplomacy teeters on the edge of collapse, and world war seems inevitable as world governments are pitted against each other for control of this mysterious source. Behind the scenes sinister motives are uncovered that once again force Dan, Delphi and Connor to carefully weigh in on whom to trust. One misstep in this political quagmire could spell certain death.

3 in 1 Adventure Collection can be found at Amazon.com.

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