Derecho Roars

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Have you every noticed how many problems we face are self-inflicted?
Perhaps it’s ‘free will,’ inherent in each and every one of us, that may be the culprit.
Sprinkle free will with that ‘inquisitiveness gene’ and mankind has an explosive
situation on its hands. Somehow we seem to be missing a ‘think before you act’ gene.
“Derecho Roars” walks us into one of those ‘self inflicted’ dilemmas.
We’ve sent out radio signals before knowing who might come to the party.
This in a nutshell is the adventure I invite you to join me in.

An excerpt:
Major General Wade Braddock murmurs to himself, ‘illegal pool hustler?’
…‘a ranch hand?’…‘an Uber driver?’ …‘a fricken NASA laser beam?’…‘Derecho?’
…“What the hell is a Derecho?What the hell is any of this?”

Derecho Roars can be found on Amazon e-books.

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