Welcome to the Stone Hedge Graphics e-book site.

Much has happened at Stone Hedge over the last few years. We now have four Mystery/Adventure e-books listed on our site, at Amazon.com, and at the Apple iTunes store listed under the author Jerry Zak. We invite you to click through our website pages to get a preview of each of our novels.

Our first three Adventures are stories loosely connected as a trilogy, yet are complete stories within themselves. Therefore we suggest you begin your adventure with Obsidian Obsession, and follow through with Fragile Witness, and lastly Ghost of a Chance.

Our newest mystery novel is titled Death Cycle. The story follows a young man’s strange journey through the heartland of America after he returns home from several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. After witnessing so much death the question becomes: Does death have one last play?

And now for some very exciting news!

We are thrilled to announce our first children’s e-book. It is titled Tinker’s Tale. My wife, Betty Zak, authored this delightful story. Children between the ages of 4 and 7 will become enchanted with Tinker’s Tale and the subtle message of love and caring it shares. You can find it at Amazon.com, and at the Apple iTunes store.